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Placeholders Security Sensitive Placeholders

David Amrani
Mar 6, 2024

Sensitive Placeholders

Typically, you use {{ name }} to insert a placeholder. For sensitive data, use {% token %} instead.

Dynamic placeholders power our workflows. Sometimes, the workflow creator sets the values for these placeholders, so displaying the values is expected. However, some placeholders are sensitive information like passwords and tokens. These must remain private!

Typical placeholder: {{ name }}

Sensitive placeholder: {% token %}

Consider a workflow that sends a Slack message to admins when your product has new activity. We need to provide an API user token to authenticate with the Slack API. This is a great example of not wanting the user token displayed in the logs explorer.

The action’s configuration

Action Configuration

The sanitized request logs

Sanitized request logs

And, finally, the resulting Slack message

Slack message for new activity

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